Zachary latham stabbing video

Who is Zachary latham?

Zachary Latham is a Tik Tok star who was born in New Jersey, USA, at the age of 18. He has recently been arrested by the police on charges that he injured and killed his neighbor. He was initially only presumed to have been arrested by police, but he later admitted the allegations.

what happened to zachary latham?

After a man was killed by a series of increasingly hostile videos posted online, a social media influencer is accused of killing his neighbor. Zachary Latham, 20, is accused of second-degree homicide, exasperated attack and weapons charges in the demise of William “Timmy” Durham Sr., 51.

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Zachary latham stabbing video

The video of Zachary Latham stabbing has unquestionably captivated the digital world, becoming a regrettable and disturbing viral sensation.

Zachary Latham says he was guarding himself when he lethally wounded William Durham. Mr. Durham’s family says he had another explanation.

Two neighbors in South Jersey are at the center of this ghastly fascination: the decedent, William Durham, and the defendant, Zachary Latham, who shared animosity.

William T. “Timmy” Durham Sr., an off-duty corrections officer, was the victim of a fatal stabbing on May 4 in Vineland, New Jersey, following a dispute between neighbors. dead. In response to a long-running dispute between the families, Zachary T. Latham, an 18-year-old man who was charged with the murder, claimed that he acted in self-defense. Durham’s wife Catherine allegedly told Latham to slow down while he was speeding down Thornhill Road, the street where both families lived. This is said to have sparked the argument. The Durhams described Latham’s recording of the encounter and his subsequent posting of it on social media as an effort to harass them for weeks.

When Catherine said that Latham had swerved toward her 17-year-old son as he rode his bike down the street, the situation got worse. This sparked a heated argument between the two families. Durham Sr. later that same day blocked Latham’s path with his truck, which led to a confrontation that Latham’s wife recorded. Durham Sr. and Latham wound up in an actual battle, and Latham cut Durham Sr. in the underarm and back, causing his death.

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office has filed an appeal of Latham’s release from jail pending trial, arguing that he should have called the police rather than resorting to violence.

The recent report that stated Latham killed his neighbor in order to become famous and gain public recognition shocked and surprised people. As a result, we can also say that he used to make TikTok videos for the sole purpose of becoming famous or going viral online.

Zachary Latham Wife Sarah Latham

Zachary Latham’s wife is Sarah Latham. She rose to prominence in the media when she was also associated with Zachary’s case. Sarah kept a record of the fatal incident that occurred between Latham and his neighbor.

As they planned to post the videos on TikTok to gain fame, it was later revealed that she recorded the incident.

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