Watch Melania Trump issues cryptic first statement in viral tweet After Trump’s indictment

Who is Melania /introduction?

She lived with her sister and parents in Sevnica, Slovenia, where she was raised. She started design displaying at age 16. She went to school in plan and engineering at the College of Ljubljana yet passed on following a year to satchel demonstrating in western Europe.

Melania Trump issues cryptic first statement in viral tweet

Melania Trump is a Slovenian-American former model and businesswoman who was the wife of President Donald Trump and served as the First Lady of the United States from 2017 to 2021.

She has been on the covers of a number of magazines over the course of her career, and in 2000, she modeled for the well-known swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

Melania Trump pic

In 2015 Donald reported that he was entering the U.S. official race. When he made immigration a big issue, people looked at Melania’s immigration history in detail. There were claims that she worked in the United States before she got the right visa.

After that, Melania kept a low profile until a few weeks before the election, when she stood by her husband after a number of women said he abused or harassed them sexually.

Networth :

Melania networth is 2.5 billion USD ( 2023 )


Name Melania 
Date of birth 26 April, 1970
Age52 year
Height 1.8 m
Shoe size 10.5

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