Watch Glen Powell and Gigi Paris Have ‘Broken Up,’πŸ’” Source Says.

Strolling the roads of New York City, Paris, who was wearing head to toe dark, bashfully checked out at the camera prior to leaving, just turning around to streak a grin for her devotees.

The pair previously ignited sentiment bits of gossip in January 2020, subsequent to being shot in Punta Mita, Mexico together.

The breakup between Glen and Gigi has now been made public. The former couple split up a few days before Sydney’s dating rumor went viral on the Internet.

Gigi and Glen had separated a few times,” the source tells Individuals. ” Since the release of Top Gun, they had been on the rocks. When Gigi arrived in Australia, where Powell was filming Anyone But You, they made the decision to end their relationship for good. Gigi was never satisfied with the long distance filming.

Now, we’ve been told that Sydney and her fiancΓ© Jonathan Davino are still very much together. On Tuesday, it seemed like he was taking her dog for a walk.

Does make you wonder if Jonathan is thinking the same thing about the chemistry between Sydney and Glen.

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