Video of School Boy Attacked In Navan Twitter Link Youtube, Reddit

The group of a youthful young person who was horrendously gone after in Navan CoMeath has depicted the episode asappalling which was shot andposted on the web. The 14 years old experienced a blackout broken teeth what is more terrible injuries in the assault which left a shoeprint on his brow.

When a group of teenagers from the same school violently punched and kicked the young man as he was trying to flee he was only a few yards from a family home. One of his relatives said no 14 years old ought to be strike like this by anything.

He is just a young child who happened to meet his family in the location he wanted to go. We are dismayed, shocked and upset by what happened today. It was several individuals against a kid while others shot it and posted iton the web. It is inhumane and wrong. He did a good job and was brave but i do not think he was completely taken in by the suddenness or shock of the event.

What happened now is out thereand keeping in mind that what has been going on with him can’t be scattered i trust something should be possible with the goal that different kidstry not to experience similarly. A dublin congress person said the video which later circulated around the web via virtual entertainment would trigger different kids confrontingtor menting.

Fine Gael Seanad kids representative congress person Mary Seery Kearney said pictures coursing on web based entertainment showing the youngster being gone after by colleagues as heat tempted to cross the grass were stunning.

Talking on RTE radio earlier today the representative added the pictures would trigger youngsters across the country. There is the concern of sick be straight away also the individuals who have encountered harassing stress over, is it will been hanced to that degree and posted on the web.

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