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M bar canton premier martini bar and cocktail lounge is in the heart of belden village. Here you can relax with friends family and coworkers while taking advantage of our unbeatable drink specials. Stop in for supper and appreciate astonishing beverages tasty food extraordinary music and a general encounter that must be found at mbar. Our professional bartenders and fully stocked bar are ready to make a wide range of new martinis and mixed drinks.

What is a wine bar’s purpose?

A wine bar is a business similar to a tavern that sells wine rather than beer or liquor. A wide variety of wines by the glass is a common feature of many wine bars. Some wine bars focus on wines of a particular origin like champagne or italian wine.
Martini & Rossi is a multinational italian alcohol beverage company that is most well known for its martini brand of vermouth and sparkling wine such as asti. Noilly pra a french vermouth is also made there.


The distilleria nazionale di spirito di vino in pessione was where the company got its start in the middle of the 19th century as a vermouth bottling plant. Three men came to rule the organization financial specialist alessandro martini winemaker luigi rossi and book keeper Teofilo sola.
•In 1863 they changed the name to martini sola and cia.
•In 1879 the sola family sold the business and it became Martini & Rossi.
•In 1892 rossi four sons take over the operation.
•The martini ball & bar logo is first registered in 1929.
•In 1930 rossi grandsons assume control over control of the company.
•In 1977 the organization is rebuilt with the making of the overall drink company. •Martini & rossi and bacardi merge in 1993.


Vermouth is made from sugar alcohol and botanicals (herbs and spices) added to wine. There are following brands which are below listed.
•Martini Rosso was released in 1863 •Martini Bianco was released in 1910 •Martini Extra Dry was released in 1900 •Martini Rosato was released in 1998 •Martini doro was released in 1998 •Martini Gold was released in 1998 •Martini Royale was released in 1998 and martini bitter was a french vermouth that the company owns.

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