Video of Federico Salvatore Morto, La Mamma Di Donato De Caprio on Twitter

Who is Donato DeCaprio:

Donato de Caprio is a neapolitan butcher whose sandwiches filled with the most diverse neapolitan delicacies have made him popular among web users. His inquiry with or without bread crumbs targeting customers has become a well known phrase.Rosa Gigante Donato de Caprio mother was found dead at her home in Pianura. De Caprio was a butcher from Pignasecca who became famous on tiktok with his motto with crumb or without.

What Happened with De Caprio:

The neighbor who was stopped by the police shortly after the tragedy was one of the early suspects naples where Donato mother was discovered dead in pianura the woman was 72 years old uncensored. She was allegedly brutally attacked probably by her neighbor with hammer blows and an iron wire around her throat as reported in Il mattino.
After that she would try to set her body on fire. The initial reconstructions claim that a minor disagreement was the catalyst for everything. I detested her. She kept an eye on me she was a hyena. During the seven hour interrogation the neighbor would have revealed to the agents that one there also stole my mail from my mailbox.
This would have led the naples public prosecutor office to place the neighbor in detention on the accusation of murder. Donato the victim son was among the first to arrive at the crime scene. With his funny videos and butcher business Donato became a social media star with millions of followers on tiktok. In the mean time the examination go on in the highest level of mystery.
The 72 years old man lifeless body was discovered yesterday on the first floor of a building in the pianura district via vicinale santaniello shortly after 2:00 p.m. He previously held a position at a delicatessen where he was allegedly prohibited from posting photos of his sandwiches. But Donato did not give up. He opened his kingdom of taste in a short amount of time becoming the symbol of a story about redemption and empathy.

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