TREE THAT DESTROYS THE FACE, from No Mercy in Mexico on Twitter

A group of drill sergeant like trainers stood in a tight row hiding something as the recruits entered a clearing. How many of you have ever murdered someone? One of the teachers inquired. Several hands rose. The body lay face up in the grass after the trainers parted ways. One of them put a machete in the hand of the nearest man. He said dismember that body. The trainee froze. After waiting the instructor shot the terrified recruit in the head after walking up behind him.
Then he passed the cutting edge to a slender young person while the others watched stunned.The adolescent did not pause. Offered the opportunity to demonstrate that he could be a professional killer a sicario he held onto it he said. a chance at wealth power and the respect he most desired. To be dreaded where dread was money.
I needed to be a mental case, to kill without leniency and be the most dreaded sicario on the planet he said portraying the scene. He had been sent to a training camp in the mountains by Guerreros Unidos a drug cartel along with the other recruits. He imagined field works out morning runs target practice. He was just trying to control his urge to vomit as he stood over the body at the moment. He struck without thinking as he closed his eyes. To make due he expected to keep with it. The preparation would wrap up cleansing him of dread and compassion.
He stated they took away everything that was human in me and made me a monster. He became one of the deadliest assassins in the Mexican state of Morelos within a few years a tool of the cartels that were tearing the country apart. By 2017 at just 22 years of age he had participated in excess of 100 homicides he said. Nearly two dozen of them have been confirmed by the authorities in Morelos alone. He could have been sentenced to more than 200 years in prison if the police had not caught him that year.
However rather than prosecuting him the authorities saw an opportunity to attack the cartel from within. They made him the center of an illegal police operation that broke up the cartel in southern Morelos and arrested and convicted dozens of its members. For specialists he was a mother lode a total reference book on the state homicide industry.
The government was a lifeline for the sicario. Obviously this arrangement was not permitted by Mexico legal system. Only one official witness protection program exists in the country at the federal level and very few law enforcement personnel actually have faith in it. It is a mess because of leaks incompetence and corruption.
Alberto Capella the police chief in Morelos at the time, wanted a successful witness protection program that he could use to eradicate organized crime in his state. So he basically made his very own furtive one an ad libbed methodology that previous equity authorities depict as a lawful stretch.
But mister Capella reasoned that if working around the law was the only way to combat the problem of organized crime it seemed like a small price to pay for justice. Mr Capella who had strengthened his resolve after surviving a bloody gunfight with assassins several years earlier stated we had to try something.
We could not sit around doing nothing.The sicario excursion from hit man to state observer drawn from openly available reports basically twelve visits to the program and 17 months of meetings with him his family authorities and different professional killers offers an intriguing look into the universe of Mexico ultraviolent executioners and the lengths to which the specialists will go to stop them.
A larger number of killings occur in Mexico today than whenever over the most recent twenty years when the country began gathering murder measurements. Mexico armed forces battle all of the cartels for control of local drug sales and smuggling routes to the United States.

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