Sofia Ansari Tiktok Videos Leaked On Twitter and Reddit

who is Sofia ansari?

The actress Sofia Ansari was born on April 30, 1996. Her most well-known works are her Instagram account and Tik Tok reel. Since she was a youth, Sofia Ansari has been keen on both moving and acting.

Sofia Ansari Tiktok Videos Leaked On Twitter and Reddit

Sofia Ansari, is a well known Tik Toker and Instagram reel creator followed by a huge number of individuals. She is most well-known for her acting and Lip synch skills on social media. Sofia Ansari gained approximately 5 million Instagram followers and currently has 9.1 million followers on IG Sofia Ansari after TikTok was banned in India.

People have been looking for the viral video link for Tik Tok star Sofia Ansari recently. On social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and some adult websites, Sofia Ansari’s MMS or private video is quickly shared.

She starred alongside singer Ravneet Singh in the Punjabi song Billo’s Town. She has made a lot of money from social media and collaborations thanks to this popular song. Despite the fact that she was disturbed after TikTok was restricted in India.

Sofia is a model who also uses Instagram to post videos. She is also a model and currently works in Mumbai for her profession.

Sofia ansari boyfriend

Sofia Ansari is presently single. In recent times, she did not have a boyfriend.


NameSofia ansari 
Date of birth 30 April, 1996
Birthplace West Bengal, india
Zodiac sign Tauru 
Religion Islam
Education Graduate 
Debut career None 

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