Shooting video of Allen Texas Mall Shooter Massacre Bodies Twitter and Reddit

The terrifying moment the alleged gunman who shot and killed eight people at Texas mall casually got out of his car and opened fire on shoppers was captured on alarming dashcam footage. The video shows a gray car park near the Allen premium outlets massive entrance shortly after 3:30 p.m.
A person dressed in black gets out of the driver seat with a gun and immediately starts shooting at people outside the stores from behind the door the video shows. In the video a number of gunshots can be heard. The driver of a dark pickup truck acknowledging what is going on shrieks his tires as he attempts to speed backward away from the shooter vehicle.
As the gunfire continues the driver of the vehicle whose camera captured the footage can be seen reversing away from the scene. The shooter can be seen stumbling toward the mall as the vehicle retreats amid the ongoing gunfire. Authorities said on saturday night that the unidentified gunman killed eight people and wounded seven others before being shot and killed by police.
Police say that a police officer from Allen was at the mall responding to a different call when he heard gunshots. At a press conference Allen police chief Brian Harvey told reporters that the officer neutralized the threat after running toward the gunshots and confronting the perpetrator.
Other footage that was captured by local television shows the apparent bodies of several victims lying on white sheets in the vicinity of an H and M store where the gunman first fired. In a press conference allen fire chief Jonathan Boyd stated that the scene had yielded seven bodies including the shooter.
Another nine victims were transported by responders to a nearby hospital where two of them died from their injuries. He stated that four victims are stable and three are undergoing critical surgery. According to CNN medical city health care in Dallas treated eight shooting victims ranging in age from 5 to 61. The ages of those who perished on the scene and in the hospital have not been made public.

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