New Orleans Leaked video of Nate Diaz on Twitter and Reddit⁩

After a fight on Bourbon street went viral new orleans police issued an arrest warrant for Nate Diaz on the suspicion of second degree assault. NOPD representative Karen A. Boudrie affirmed the claims to MMA battling monday night yet could not give further insights concerning the capture warrant. Budri stated he is not in custody a warrant has been issued. A delegate for Diaz declined to remark when reached by MMA battling.
According to Budry the incident in which Diaz allegedly choked an unconscious Logan Paul resembling Rodney Peterson occurred during an overflowing bar brawl led to the state police filing the charges. Peterson vowed to avenge Diaz who was supporting teammate Chris Avila at Misfits Boxing 6 in New Orleans after later revealing a serious head injury. Video a Logan Paul impersonator who claims to have been choked by Nate Diaz reveals a horrific head injury and vows to exact revenge.
According to Boudrie a self defense video in which Jake and Logan Paul mock Nate Diaz street fight bourbon street police were called to stop a major fight. In the video an official should be visible attempting to stop the battle that ejected from the bar yet neglects to see a blondie man recognized as Peterson as he falls oblivious on the substantial.
A statement about Diaz charges and the altercation was later issued by the NOPD. NOPD bourbon street on saturday april 22 at approximately 2:10 a.m. According to the statement boardwalk staff and supervisors have been informed that a significant altercation has occurred in the 400 block of bourbon street.
Officials had the option to scatter the group. Officers were notified by a witness of a white male subject who was thought to be unconscious. The subject regained consciousness a moment later. Officials decided the subject was draining from the rear of the head and crisis administrations were called for help. Nate Diaz was the subject of a warrant after an investigation. He was accused of below average battery.
He is not currently under arrest.In Louisiana second degree battery is a felony that can result in up to eight years behind bars with or without hard labor a $2,000 fine or both. Diaz threw a water bottle at Chase DeMoor after the fight on the street. This sparked another fight in the arena of an important boxing match and security personnel intervened to break up the fight. Diaz, 38 will confront Jake Paul in an august battle in his most memorable appearance since resigning from the UFC as a free specialist.

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