Lipstick Lover Janelle Monae Video Leaked on Twitter and YouTube

Janelle Monae Robinson conceived December 1, 1985 is an american vocalist, rapper and entertainer. She won a screen actors guild award and a children’s and family Emmy award in addition to receiving eight grammy award nominations.
The latest single from Janelle Monae, “lipstick lover” has been released. However she gained even more attention prior to the release when she released a NSFW preview of the new track which went viral. In a question of several days the hot pool video which incorporates an example of the melody playing behind the scenes and shows Monae leaving a pool in a wet shirt gathered around 5 million perspectives.
The new song which fans can listen to below is a smooth groove that features Monae conveying melancholy vibes through delicate instrumentation and harmony. The video is very posterior forward and opens with an affectionate life saving kiss. I like lipstick on my next it lets me know i am your number one choice sings Monae with venom. Lipstick lover is our fam inspired free as smotha fucka anthem as we enter the age of pleasure for f.a.m.
In a press release announcing the album, Monae said, “This is our oasis made with love rooted in self acceptance throbbing in self discovery and signed with cherry red kisses from me to you.”Prior Monae likewise posted a video of her playing an example of the track with a nylon string acoustic guitar on what has all the earmarks of being a tropical get away. I really got a thing for my lipstick lover lover she sings.
There is nothing I would not do for my lipstick sweetheart darling. Additionally the previous pool video is shown in the video. That can be found here. Monae has been willing to be risque before and this isn’t the first time in recent history. She went full monty in a new NSFW see video for her single “float.” She likewise shook her stuff while not wearing much at the new met occasion.”float” highlights horns from the afrobeat bunch, Seun Kuti and Egypt 80.
Monae claims that it was influenced by Mary Poppins, Muhammed Ali, Ja Morant, Aladdin’s magic carpet and other films. It was first teased months ago. After making waves and headlines during the NBA all star game in february, Monae’s new music is out now. She was a fan favorite during the yearly superstar top pick game.
She wore no in the contest 23 perhaps a nod to LeBron James and Michael Jordan who were both well known for donning the number during their careers. Monae also purposefully donned the outfit of space Jam’s Lola Bunny. The following is the brand new Monae song. And no one knows what she might post next on her social media accounts.

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