Leaked viral video of Karyawati PT cikarang on Twitter and Reddit

PT Cikarang viral video went viral after it was posted to tiktok and twitter as an answer to a question from a karyawan. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that the video in question is more or less identical to the one in question the link to the video in question serves as evidence that the warganet is relevant to the case in question.

Latar Belakang Video PT Cikarang Viral
Video PT Cikarang Viral:

PT’s viral video reached the top of social media after it was used to promote a product that was so popular among consumers that it was shared on Twitter and tiktok. The video that was shown to the public about that incident lasted 13 minutes and the media outlet that produced it was the one that published it. Video tersebut dikaitkan dengan kasus pelecehan seksual yang menimpa karyawan di PT Mikuni Cikarang.
As a result at least one karyawan who had previously been granted sexual privileges from the country was affected by this. Karyawan explains that the bosna meminta dirinya in order to tidur bareng as a syarat perpanjangan kerja. This bar has a tendency to be loud and prominent in social media. On the following day a link to a viral video created by PT Cikarang was shared by the public on tiktok and twitter.
The video shows that the relationship between the monarch and the bosnia was extremely tense, despite the fact that there was no evidence to support the claim itself. A viral video from PT cikarang was used to educate the general public about the sexual harassment of employees at PT mikuni Cikarang.After the viral video of PT Cikarang was released, the media and the general public expressed their support for this cause.
There are a lot of people who were involved in the physical labor that was carried out by bos PT Mikuni Cikarang and who were also involved in the tindakan of tegas from the pihak that was used to select this case. Namun di sisi lain adanya klaim tentang video tak senonoh karyawan dengan bosnya juga menimbulkan kebingungan dan kekhawatiran di kalangan publik.
Banyak yang merasa tidak tahu harus percaya pada klaim tersebut atau tidak dan khawatir bahwa kabar yang tidak benar dapat merusak citra perusahaan dan karyawan yang terlibat dalam kasus ini. Dalam situasi yang rumit ini perlu adanya tindakan nyata dari pihak terkait untuk menyelesaikan kasus pelecehan seksual di PT Mikuni Cikarang dan memberikan kepastian dan kejelasan terhadap klaim tentang video tak senonoh karyawan dengan bosnya.
In addition the people of Malaysia, the United states, and the masyarakat are active participants in the process of implementing karyawan related perlindungan in the kerja and ensuring that a variety of people have access to a kerja that is both aman and nyaman.

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