Leaked video of SpaceX’s Starship explodes, what Happened to it

Thursday april 20 2023, the spaceX starship will take off from star base in boca chica Texas. The goliath new rocket detonated minutes in the wake of taking off on it first practice run and collided with the bay of Mexico. Thursday morning spaceX’s starship rocket took off from the company facilities in south Texas.
A few minutes into the flight the rocket exploded in midair. What an intriguing morning here at star base said Kate Tice a quality frameworks engineer at spaceX. We had an effective take off and we cleared the pinnacle which was actually our main expect today.
SpaceX made its second attempt at starship first fully integrated test flight on thursday. The flight is a critical stage in starship turn of events as it might one day at any point return space explorers to the moon or mars.
Elon Musk CEO made it clear prior to the test flight that the rocket might not reach orbit. In this way when the flight finished in a midair blast engineers were not shocked. John Insprucker an engineer at spaceX stated on the launch broadcast starship gave us a spectacular end to what has been an exciting test.
Musk agreed tweeting that he was thrilled and that he was hopeful that starship would fly again soon. As the team resolved a few minor issues that arose late in the countdown liftoff took place a little bit behind schedule. A huge plume of smoke rose from the rocket 33 first stage engines eliciting cheers. The rocket appeared to rise gradually off the cushion as perspectives from the beginning the rocket conveyed inconceivable pictures of the send off.
Observers could see that at least three of the rocket engines did not light as it climbed. That ought not to have slowed starship down as stated by spaceX’s founder Elon Musk. There are two parts to the massive rocket which is said to be twice as powerful as the saturn V rocket used to launch the Apollo moon missions, 33 Raptor engines fueled by methane power a super heavy booster as well as a starship upper stage with six raptor engines.
Monday first attempt at launch was postponed due to pressurization issues on the rocket first stage caused by a valve issue. Engineers decided to change gears and treat the remaining launch attempt as a wet dress rehearsal which is essentially a practice run that walks teams through all of the steps necessary for launch but does not actually take place.
The team does not yet know what caused the vehicle to explode in midair during thursday test. Regardless insprucker and the crew claim that this flight was successful and enables them to learn how to build a better starship in the long run.

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