Leaked Video of Soft Life American Woman Shares Vacation Experience in Nigeria

An American woman recognized as Monique aka Mummy Tayo shares a swell get away involvement with Nigeria in opposition to western media depiction of the country as a destitution place.
The mother of one took to web based entertainment to share her excursion experience in Nigeria while accentuating how her friends and family were stressed for the wellbeing of she in light of what they gained from the traditional press.
The American woman claims that she has a “soft life” in Nigeria and that her only issue is with mosquitoes.
When i told my loved ones that i was traveling to Nigeria with my two years old son and Nigerian baby daddy the media only showed poverty there which made me feel unsafe. In the interim we are carrying on with the delicate life holiday.
She wrote more worried about the mosquitoes to be honest.
Responses following American woman’s Get away in Nigeria.
Asanwa 36 noted awww Nigeria is enormous tomfoolery there is neediness all over UK, America and so forth.
Lola Solace wrote you shall discover that Abuja Nigeria capital is just as good as your country when you return.
user8541571947301 savor your time here and the love. I hope you find some foods you like.
T penned yes similar to each economy destitution and delicate life coincides entirely in Nigeria haha.
Ugochi 91 remarked i currently reside in Lagos but upon arriving in Abuja i was shocked and relieved to discover that there were no mosquitoes.

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