Leaked Trending video of Madison Beer on Twitter and Reddit

Who is Madison Elle Beer:

Madison beer is an american singer who was born on march 5 1999. Brought into the world in new york she started presenting covers on youtube in mid 2012. When Justin bieber posted a link to one of Beer cover she received a lot of attention from the media. Melodies her first single was released in 2013.

What Happened with Madison Beer:

Madison Beer tells people in advance of the publication of her memoir the Half of it that this is a child and we should not be sharing this video. No one even cared to jump in. Many people were perplexed when Madison Beer announced that she would be writing a memoir. After all she was only 24 years old. How could she possibly have enough life experience to justify writing a book about her life.
The singer song writer tells people in advance of the release of the half of it on april 25 i have lived so much life in such a short amount of time. The book tells the story of her rise to fame as a young teen and a number of harrowing events that followed including the leak of a naked video of her at age 15 online struggles with addiction and suicidal ideations.
I thought this was the only place to discuss some of these issues. In 2012 Beer career took off when Justin bieber posted a video of her singing Etta James at last. This led to contracts with island records and manager scooter braun. She says she then put out a string of bubblegum pop songs that she did not really like. However her social media followers quickly soared into the millions as a result of fan actions.
A private naked video of Beer when she was 15 that she sent in confidence to a romantic partner was leaked online and widely shared on social media making the amount of eyes on her at the time a double edged sword. At the time she felt like a victim because so many people made fun of her for sending the video in the first place.
She claims i was not really protected at all. This is a child and we should not be sharing this video no one even cared to jump in. She remembers being told to deny that it was a video of her which she did in the hope that the attention that was being paid to her would go away.
She was well aware of the effects that leaked naked footage could have on someone mental health even when she was a young teenager. There was a girl who killed herself when i was in middle school because people were showing her naked Beer recalls. I recall the kid who spilled it and sent it around and the discussion was never similar to he is a piece of s**.
It was consistently similar to all things considered she should not have sent those recordings she adds. Even as a 13 year old I recall being extremely shocked by that thinking this girl passed away. It seems crazy to me that we continue to assign blame to her as though she had committed a crime. Beer management and record label dropped her about a year after the nude video was released claiming that the breakup was unrelated to the video.
She felt overwhelmed and even considered suicide when she was compelled to begin determining her own career path. I felt so backed into a corner i thought the only way out was to end my life at many times just like the night my nudes were leaked she writes in her book. She eventually found her way releasing her debut album life support in 2021 and her EP as she pleases in 2018.
She still finds it frustrating to reflect on how she was treated as a result today. She is not however to blame. I do not hold disgrace around this. I think no lady or anybody overall ought to. What do you expect to happen when we are young and given a platform like snapchat Lager says. It really irritates me that this serves as an illustration of how men can get away with things in society and it can be very difficult to swallow.
Beer explains i think the people around me who were a bit more experienced in the industry maybe did not do their best at stepping in. We were all thrown into this industry without any awareness of what it was really like on the inside. In the end my parents agreed this has been our daughter dream since she was born and we are going to let her follow this journey and support her.
Thinking back she feels like she was a guinea pig for how much a high school young lady could be sexualized in the blossoming web based entertainment scene she came up in. She wrote the half of It in part to shed light on how she was treated at the time and analyze such incidents.

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