Leaked Spoiler of Blue Lock Chapter 217 And Raw Scans On Reddit

Fans were able to see Isagi evaluate Barou play and come up with a strategy to combat ubers after the chapter 217 spoilers were released. Following that he was fruitful in halting their counterattack however that is the point at which his movement was halted. The past part showed fans a flashback of how Barou dealt with functioning with Marc Snuffy.
After the master striker advised Barou to only shoot when the time was right and have a predator eye for the goal his stealthy goal was displayed once more. People were shocked by the fact that Bastard Munchen goalkeeper Gagamaru was unable to move in time to stop Barou shot in the Predator eye spoilers for blue lock chapter 217. The last option was all the while praising his objective as he tested Isagi.
Isagi then attempted to evaluate Barou and ubers play styles. Ubers had figured out how to take the ball from Isagi and immediately started their counterattack scoring a great objective. Lack of training made it impossible for the entire team to interact with one another. But that was not all Shoei Barou shot had cleared Gagamaru path without causing him to move a muscle.
Isagi concluded that Barou had acquired predator eye which enabled him to avoid the goalkeeper and only shoot when he could see an opening. Before the match was going to continue Kaiser requested that Ness draw in Lorenzo to himself which in itself would be an immense assistance to him. Isagi had not yet devised a strategy but he reminded Kurona and Yukimiya of Noa’s statement that individual duels were the key to defeating Ubers.
Bastard Munchen resumed the fight in blue lock chapter 217 as Ness and Kaiser attempted to stop Lorenzo. They faced him in a 2 on 1 situation and used a lofted one two pass to get past Lorenzo. Aryu stopped Kaiser from receiving the ball and returned it up the field after blocking the pass. Lorenzo stopped the ball from reaching Ness even though it was headed that way.
Isagi used his meta vision to intercept the ball when everyone started to worry about Ubers counterattack because he seemed to have figured out how to stop Ubers. Isagi lost possession of the ball when Ikki Niko appeared out of nowhere and kicked it. Isagi was trying to make sense of the new situation when Niko said that his eyes were like Isagi suggesting that he also had meta vision.
In the Blue Lock chapter 217 spoilers Ikki Niko told Yoichi Isagi how similar the two were and showed him his special eyes. Taking into account how Isagi had begun to change after he initially met Niko during the principal determination it appears to be lovely that Niko additionally gained meta vision.
Not with standing it is yet to be seen whether the two are indistinguishable in strength or have contrasts.

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