Leaked Private Photo of Willow Shields On Instagram and Twitter

Who is Willow Shields:

Willow Shields is an american actress who was born on june 1 2000. She became well known for her role as primrose everdeen in the science fiction dystopian adventure series “the hunger games” which ran from 2012 to 2015.

Willow shields private photo:

Willow shields 22 is best known for her role as primrose everdeen in “the hunger games trilogy”. Since then she has appeared in a slew of other movies and television shows including spinning out and the wonder. Presently she is taken to instagram to post a personal picture with her 850,000 supporters that was never intended to be shared. The photo was not posted by the actress by choice.
Willow Shields reveals that she had been extorted and threatened with posting private photos online. The actress posted the picture and a message about her ordeal to take control of the situation. She penned i am being extorted and lied to for naked photos of myself which are private and never meant to be shared with the entire world.
I am reclaiming the control and offering it to you first. Here is the photograph they messaged and appended taking steps to impart to my companions family and the web. They claim to have many more photos that are less tame to use against me. I will not allow someone else to make decisions about my own body.
I will not allow someone to have power over me. The entertainer says she detailed the anonymous individual who attempted to coerce her to the FBI and communicated trust that they would treat the examination in a serious way.
She continued i also share this because i am aware of how many other people are affected daily by nude leaks and revenge porn that are carried out by hackers and criminals to weaken the body and mind which are both extremely vulnerable.
I comprehend and regret its existence. This is my body and i will share it with whomever i choose she said. I will not stand for any slut shaming. Fans lauded the actress approach to owning her power and refusing to allow anyone else to take it from her. They also commended the actress for being brave enough to share her story.

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