Leaked Onlyfans Viral Video of Home Depot Girl on Twitter and Reddit

Shaquille O’Neal’s affection life has been the subject of the web’s interest as of late. This comes after the icon of the Los Angeles Lakers was seen on a supposed date with internet personality Brittany Renner, who is also the mother of PJ Washington a forward for the Charlotte Hornets.
After being accused of attempting to date the infamous home depot girl Shaq is currently back in the news. First and foremost reports assert that Shaq and Renner are merely friends. According to reports their most recent date in Los Angeles was strictly platonic and there is nothing romantic going on between them.
In their case it was just two good friends getting together for dinner. Incidentally the ex Lakers large man has what is going on with “home warehouse young lady” otherwise known as Ariana Josephine. For those that require setting Josephine as of late procured web popularity by turning down a potential chance to make her own onlyfans account.
On second thought work a regular position at home terminal. However Josephine got herself into some trouble on social media when she disparaged sex workers and their work. Shaq on the other hand has acknowledged slipping into Josephine DMs. But not for the reasons that most people think.

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