Leaked Crash Video of Alians in Las Vegas UFO on Twitter

The family from Las Vegas who said they saw aliens is locked up in their house because they say they are being threatened by people who say their story is a big hoax. Family members are described as “skittish, anxious and scared” by trespassing signs, but some sources claims that they are sticking to their original account.
The family called 911 about “nonhuman” beings on April 30 after they said that something had crashed in their backyard. In the 911 call Angel, a family member who is a teenager, stated, “they have shiny eyes and they are not human.” They are in no way human.”In the case, investigators have found no definitive answers.
Angel, a teenager with whom Loo previously spoke has been active on social media and has talked in detail about large aliens in his backyard which were also said to have been spotted by his father and younger brother. However family members are no longer accepting requests for interviews.In a video, Angel stated, “i already said what I had to say if you want to believe it, believe it.”
The family has received criticism but they have also found supporters including a local podcaster and former police officer. Over there something happened. Doug Poppa, a podcaster stated, “i honestly believe something happened.” I was not there when they saw what it was. I do not know.”What is your evidence for people to come out and blatantly say the family is lying?” Added he.
Loo spoke with the family’s neighbors who assert that they are not ignoring what they had to say. They believe what they see even though I did not see it myself. Let me put it this way. Frank Young stated, “i think they might have just seen something that they did not understand. Alicia Herndon, a neighbor stated, “maybe, they just believe in different things than other people believe.
She stated that she would not label the family as liars. The family’s sighting night’s body camera footage from metro Las Vegas shows a flash across the sky adding intrigue to the mystery. “I do not think i have any aliens coming down to visit me. With 21 sightings that night across California, Nevada and Utah the American meteor society is confident that a meteor was the cause of that streak.
Robert Lunsford of the American meteor society stated, “we are certain it was a meteor because of the duration of the event.” The majority of people reported it lasting between two and five seconds which is far too quickly for a re entry satellite or rocket. Since Pentagon whistle blower Dave Grusch alleged a covert crash retrieval program of non human spacecraft in an interview, claims of a UFO, aliens and military activity have all been viewed in a new light.

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