Kobe Bryant leaked crash photos on Reddit and Twitter

The photos which were allegedly shared by police officers and fire fighters following the helicopter crash that resulted in Kobe Bryant death are the basis for Vanessa Bryant lawsuit against Los Angeles county for invasion of privacy. Vanessa Bryant has let a court know that she felt sucker punched when she learned photographs of the accident that killed her significant other and girl had been shared by crisis administrations.
In january 2020 basketball star Kobe Bryant and his 13 years old daughter gianna were killed when their helicopter crashed near Los Angeles. Ms Bryant is suing Los Angeles county for violating her right to privacy due to the photos which were allegedly shared by fire fighters and police officers following the tragedy.
Talking in the testimony box on friday for over three hours on what was the eighth day of the preliminary Ms Bryant said she needed to start to lament the deficiency of her significant other and girl yet was confronted with new frightfulness subsequent to learning of the spilled photographs a month after the accident. She remarked i felt like I wanted to run run down the block and scream.
Similar to wanting to run down a pier and jump into the water it was a feeling. The issue is that i cannot escape. I can not get away from my body. She told the court she accepted a call about the story in the Los Angeles times while she was holding her seven month old little girl and investing energy with loved ones.
To prevent my daughters from seeing i dashed out of the house and around to the side. I was taken aback devastated and hurt once more.
I believed them. I had faith in them not to do such things. The court was informed the way in which a sheriff delegate shared the photographs of Bryant body to a barkeep as he drank and that firemen flowed them among one another at a meal.
Ms Bryant stated despite the fact that the photos were never made public. Everyday I live in fear of these appearing on social media. I live in constant fear that my daughters will be on social media and see these. She added that the thought of it frequently causes panic attacks and keeps her awake.
As per a legal counselor for the province J Mira Hashmall the photographs were taken on the grounds that they were considered significant for surveying the site however after LA district sheriff alex villanueva learned they were being shared he requested all duplicates be erased. Later during cross examination of Ms Bryant Ms Hashmall stated that the deputy who took the photographs Doug Johnson was only attempting to use the images for the investigation.
Ms Hashmall stated you can understand why he would want the same information as you did. I do not think you really want to take close up photographs of individuals to decide the number of individuals that are on an airplane Ms Bryant answered. He might as well have counted. Ms Bryant side trusted the evidence speak for itself after her declaration.

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