Jungkook from BTS donates one billion won to children’s hospital

BTS member Jungkook has given a children’s hospital one billion won, or approximately $758,990.

On April 18, the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital made the announcement that he had previously made the donation on April 14 in order to assist young patients and their families.

An integrated care center is run by the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital to assist children from all over the country who suffer from childhood cancer, leukemia, and other severe, uncommon, and incurable diseases. The integrated care center, on the other hand, can only operate with donations.

It has been accounted for that Jungkook’s gift will be utilized to take care of the expenses of treatment for youngsters who hail from low-pay families. The gift will furthermore assume a critical part in supporting the improvement of SNU’s Exhaustive Consideration Community undertaking.

In other news, Jungkook has recently altered his overseas schedule to accommodate his bandmate J-Hope’s official enlistment in the military.

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