Jack Crisp’s wife Mikayla Crisp Reacts On Leaked Video Scandal of Husband

After explicit photos went viral, Jack Crisp made public apologies to his wife. Mikayla revealed how it affected their marriage as a result. Peruse further to find out about the circumstance.

Crisp was able to avoid suspension, but he still needs to finish a course on how to use social media. The AFL considered Crisp’s public apology and improved behavior since the photos were sent before deciding not to punish him.

League officials looked into the football player, who was 29 years old, after he posted a video to social media without his permission that had explicit images, lewd comments about women, and references to illegal substances.

She wrote a sincere note of appreciation to those who had taken the time to get in touch with her over the past few weeks to offer support or kind words.

Despite the leaked video, Collingwood standout Jack Crisp is scheduled to play against Brisbane on Thursday night. However, the Magpies and AFL are investigating the incident.

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