Instagram story of Kavin Gate leaves on Twitter and Reddit

Who is Kevin Gates:

Kevin Gates a rapper and songwriter shocked the internet by sharing a live NSFW (Not Safe For Work) instagram story on sunday, may 7, 2023 of a woman giving birth. The 37 years old reposted the video with the following caption from the @indiebirth account. The gift of life is the most beautiful thing on earth.
The father eventually gets a glimpse of the mother giving birth in the home made video. While the majority of internet users were shocked, others were unsure whether the woman in question was Dreka Haynes, Kevin Gates wife given that the story showed his own child birth. Be that as it may it is not true as the subtitle from the first post shows it was imparted on april 15 to the note.
Kendra is sharing her birth video and offering this wisdom from this amazing birth experience in celebration of Black mother health week. The video quickly drew a flurry of horrified responses on social media. Should have heeded my own advice.
As the news of Kevin Gates’ IG story spread a number of internet users took to twitter to warn others not to check the story that Gates posted. The story causes uproar online and leaves internet users in a state of stupor. twitterati expressed their horror through witty memes. Interest got the better of numerous and they shared their lament at watching the clasp.

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