Full video of Andrew Tate First Interview With BBC on Twitter and Reddit

After giving the BBC his first interview since being detained on sex trafficking charges Andrew Tate today slammed their efforts to “vilify” him. In a contentious meeting Tate more than once excused the BBC’s inquiries regarding charges of assault illegal exploitation and double dealing of ladies and on second thought requested to pose his own inquiries.
The influencer responded to a question about a testimony from a woman who had accused Tate of rape and exploitation by asking his own question and telling the BBC journalist because i let you into my house you are not the boss here.
The self confessed misogynist launched a venomous attack on the broadcaster after the interview ended when Tate 36, claimed that by speaking with the broadcaster he was doing the BBC a “favour.”
He tweeted under the guise of balanced journalism the mainstream media that denigrate me beg for interviews with me. The matrix has no hope. Tate claimed that despite the fact that he had been denigrated the BBC did not express the same outrage when its presenters Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris were groping and raping females. When Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris were grooming, raping and molesting young girls for decades where was the BBC’s outrage?
Savile who was one of England’s greatest TV stars before his passing in 2011, attacked no less than 72 kids some as youthful as eight north of a four decade mission of misuse. Additionally Harris was imprisoned for 12 indecent assaults on four minor girls. Due to allegations of rape, human trafficking, and organizing a criminal organization to exploit victims Tate and his brother Tristan are currently under house arrest in Romania.
Tate rants in a bizarre series of tweets. I have no ill will toward the BBC or any journalist who attempts to fabricate information about me. The reality of my message is known and kindness keep on spreading. Love and tolerance for you all.
Tate wrote in another tweet, the degree of stress and strain i work under would be an excess of 99.99% of men. They really want to kill me. However i continue day after day. No liquor. No drugs. No treatment. Simply arise. Pray. Then start working. ALLAH is awesome of organizers.
Tate claimed that he was a “political prisoner” who had been “left to rot” in yet another tweet from today. He continued. England is now going to try to lock me up. Lattice assaults by means of the ‘equity’ framework approaching. The influencer has been accused of distributing misogynistic “rape culture” content on tiktok to audiences as young as 13 years old. Tate has also been quoted as saying that he would attack a woman if she said he was cheating on her.
Due to allegations that he recruited young women and forced them to create online pornographic content, Tate is currently under house arrest in Romania. In the heated interview Tate told the BBC about the allegations made against him. You do not have a thorough understanding of the case.
You do not know the truth about what happened to me. Furthermore, i am telling you totally and absolutely i have never harmed anyone that the body of evidence that has been set against me is totally and completely manufactured and I’m never going to be viewed as at legitimate fault for anything.
Tate then excused the declarations of individual ladies who have blamed the powerhouse for assault and abuse. To protect her identity a british woman named Sophie claims that Tate slapped and strangled her to the point where she passed out during rough sex. In february Sophie disclosed to the BBC that Tate initially charmed her and encouraged her to work for his webcam company before becoming controlling and coercive.
At the point when gotten some information about Sophie’s declaration Tate asserted without giving proof that she did not exist and on second thought continued to ask the BBC columnist inquiries as opposed to addressing her own. Tate has stated on multiple occasions that Romanian prosecutors lack evidence and that their case is a “political” conspiracy to silence him.

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