Famous MoneySign Rapper Suede dies in California prison stabbing

Who is Moneysign:

Moneysign is a rapper whose songs back to the bag no cap freestyle and veteran are all well known. He served time behind bars. On his moneysign suede instagram account he has amassed more than 190,000 followers.

Moneysign Death Scene:

Authorities and MoneySign suede attorney reported that the rapper died after being stabbed in a California prison shower. Jaime Brugada Valdez 22 of Huntington Park was found in the shower region of the restorative preparation office in Soledad without further ado before 10 p.m tuesday as per an assertion from the California branch of rectifications and restoration.
Regardless of life saving endeavors he kicked the bucket at a jail clinical office. Although it stated that his death was being investigated as a homicide the agency did not specify his injuries. According to Nicholas Rosenberg Valdez attorney who spoke with the Los Angeles times they said it was a stabbing to the neck.
According to the times suede signed with Atlantic Records in 2021 and released his most recent album titled parkside baby in September of that year. More than 4,000 people are housed in the monterey county prison which has a minimum and medium security.
According to state corrections officials Valdez was sent there following a december 2012 sentence in Riverside county for two years and eight months on two charges of being a convicted felon in possession of a gun.

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