Emy Buono Festa Scudetto Del Napoli Video Completo on Twitter and Reddit

who is Emy Buono:

The young woman herself was the one who uploaded a tiktok posted video to his Instagram stories that featured him in the company of a Pino di Mare Fuori character.

Viral video of Emy Buono Festa scudetto:

I “felt raped.” Emy Buono, a former contestant on “La Pupa and the secchione show” discussed what transpired on the night of the celebrations for spalletti’s team on his tiktok profile a few days prior to the party for the Napoli championship. The girl faced a number of challenges as a result of her decision to parade through the city almost entirely naked. Emy shared on her social media accounts not only the criticisms.
Emy received for wearing no clothes to the parade but also the people who took advantage of the situation to get their hands on her. Given all of the criticism i have received i have been feeling quite down these days. I felt raped. It is true that i bared all but i did not want anyone to see my body. The 22 years old asserts “it seemed a little excessive that people kissed and touched my chest.”

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