One of the many types of hairless dogs is the Xoloitzcuintle also known as the Xoloitzquintle Xolo or Xolo. It is seen as in norm moderate and small sizes. The Xolo also comes in a fur covered coated variety. Because of the same combination of genes coated and hairless animals can be born in the same litter.
The Mexican hairless dog or Perro pelon mexicano is the hairless variety. It is distinguished by its duality wrinkles abnormalities in the teeth and primitive temper. It is xlitzcuintli and xlitzcuintin in Nahuatl which is where its name comes from. The Nahuatl word for dog itz cuntli, denotes the god Xolotl who is said to have given it its name and is described in ancient myths as its creator.
In ancient West Mexico ceramic sculptures of a hairless breed of dog have been found in burial sites. In ancient times Xolos were frequently sacrificed and buried with their owners to serve as soul guides on their way to the underworld. They have been found in Maya and Toltec burial grounds.
Spanish accounts from the 16th century say that many dogs were served at banquets. Aztec merchant feasts could have 80–100 turkeys and 20–40 dogs served as food. When these two meats were served in the same dish the dog meat was at the bottom either because it was held in higher regard or because it was increasingly considered a step above cannibalism.
Because it has been selected for for thousands of years it is generally not as susceptible to health and structure issues as other dog breeds that have been modified more by human selection efforts. Xolos came from heat and humidities and are not appropriate for outside life in colder calm and northern environments.
They should be considered an indoor dog breed. As with other dogs of a similar physical type they require bathing light grooming, and skin care or acne can develop. The majority of skin problems are caused by poor breeding neglect or excessive lotioning and bathing which removes natural defenses and clogs pores.

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