At JK Rowling Michaela Jae Rodriguez Claps Back On Twitter

I already regard Michaela Jae Rodriguez as a pioneer even though it is possible that her career is just beginning.

Who is Michaela:

Michaela who was born in Newark New Jersey, is half African American and half Puerto Rican. Naturally she also had a final message that was addressed specifically to her community. Specifically to my black family members abroad. I am aware that there is a lot we as marginalized people can learn. Additionally i am aware that hurt people hurt people. But now that we are all under attack it is time for us to break out of that. The 32-year-old actor was the first transgender performer to win a golden globe. For her role in ryan murphy pose she was also the first transgender actor to be nominated for a top emmy award. Michaela was asked about J.K. Rowling. most contentious position on trans rights in a recent variety feature.

Michaela Life History:

She was unmoved and unwavering in her response. The Plunder entertainer explained that she had isolated the workmanship from the craftsman. Harry Potter is a cherished memory from our childhood that none of us can shake due to the story she stated. We are not contemplating J.K Rowling i can guarantee you. Michaela thoughtfully responded some of the stuff that she says really does not faze me so much when asked what she would say in response to J.K. Rowling suggestion that trans women should not be considered women.
I am not supporting it. I will always be transgender. I will continuously call myself a trans lady. Non derogatorily I will always refer to other biological women as cis women. However I am a strong woman. I am a tough lady. I was raised by areas of strength for a lady which J.K Rowling was not. I could not want anything more than to have a discussion with her. If they somehow happened to meet one day this is the very thing Michaela has held for the discourse. I would begin with something lighthearted to demonstrate to her that I am not abrasive or intimidating, as I am confident that trans people are in some way intimidating and making her feel this way.
I would begin by asking girl OK tell me what the tea is? Is there a transgender person in your life who really influences how you feel about your femininity? she added. Because I can assure you that other trans women will demonstrate to you what it’s like to live in our shoes.
However J.K Rowling receives not all of Michaela wise counsel. The singer of something to say had a touching message for young people who are being affected by harmful legislation and hateful speech. I am speaking to all young people all of you every single young person in the world who has a mind of their own and knows how to graciously approach conflict when it is needed hetero trans gay lesbians bi gender non conforming intersectional and asexual. Keep doing it gracefully. Keep doing it lovingly. Never lose your drive or momentum to change the world or change people hearts. Kindly do not be in dread. Be you. Flourish as hard as possible she proceeded.

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